Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Five 2022 Resolutions for your Consideration


Dear Christian,

As you begin your journey into 2022, here are some practical resolutions for you to consider applying this year as you walk with the Lord and relate with others. 

1.      Pursuing people persistently

Loving others requires intentionality. Whether it is edifying believers, restoring the lost or evangelizing the lost, resolve to pursue the people in your life passionately and persistently. They may look disinterested or unappreciative of your efforts but pursue them anyway. It helps you with accountability. Consider writing down the names you will pursue and pray for and over them.  

2.      Reading regularly (use a reading plan)

If the Christian is to grow and progress in their walk with the Lord, reading is an absolute necessity. Christianity is a religion of the book. And those who grow in it, read! Consider following a reading plan for your bible reading and other Christian books. If you read four bible chapters a day, you will read the entire bible in a year. You could also consider reading one book a month that is twelve books in a year. Ask other Christians for recommendations of books to read. 

3.      Hosting frequently (your home is for hospitality)

The home is a wonderful avenue for ministry to other people. Consider drafting a plan of how frequent, you will host and whom you will host. Host a variety of people, families, couples, singles, young people, children, family, friends, neighbours, church visitors, etc. Do not overthink or overdo it. It does not have to be a buffet. A simple meal, a cup of tea or coffee will do wonders. 

4.      Restore broken relationships (life is too short)

It is very common for people to have unresolved conflicts with friends, family, churchmates or workmates. It is unhealthy and unhelpful for you to continue living in bitterness and hatred. If ever you needed encouragement to restore broken relationships, remember Christians are called to love their enemies and seek their good! 

5.      Increasing your giving to God's work

Generous, cheerful and sacrificial giving should characterize Christians. Giving is an act of love and worship. As the Lord blesses you, consider increasing your giving to the work. Give regularly and consistently. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

One problem with resolutions is that they are often vague and impractical. Consider these five practical points and encourage others as well. Happy New Year! 


  1. Gracias hermano! Saludos desde Venezuela

  2. Thanks a lot! Brief and to the point. Very helpful.

  3. Concise and practical. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. Very helpful and encouraging us to live our Christian life in action.