Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What the world urgently needs!!!

Today’s church is crying out for men and women who are burdened about something about the glory of God. And invariably if burdened people is the need of the church it is the need of the world.  We are in desperate need of people who have a single passion and will be dedicated to pursue their passion with all of their being. The eyes of the Lord are roaming the earth; they are searching for those who are resolved to stand in the gap on before of the nations. The world and the church need men and women who are burdened for God's glory, God's word and God's ways! We desperately need a Paul, An Augustine, A Martin and Calvin, We need young people who have a single passion and resolve of Johnathan Edwards, the conviction and sacrifice of William Carey, the thundering boldness and earnestness of George Whitefield and the list goes on.    

What does the bible say about the need for burdened people? There is in my mind, no better place to begin than the amazing account in Ezekiel 9.  It says at least one thing – God takes the absence of a burden among his people seriously. And we later see in the following chapter that the glory of the Lord departs from among the people. Their hearts were no longer burdened about the glory of God. Else where it was this burden that made Nehemiah do great exploits for God (Nehemiah 1:4).  The oracles of the prophets are referred to as burdens (Isaiah 13:1, 14:28, 15:1, 17:1, 19:1, 21:1, etc., Nahum 1:1, Habakkuk 1:1, Malachi 1:1).  We also see this in Paul’s burden in Athens (Acts 17:16-17) and Jesus’ example also in Matthew 9:36 were His burden for the people moved him with compassion.

Sadly today many Christians seem content with doing just enough, doing what is expected of you. You know? show up for church, teach when you are asked, lead the service, preach if it is your duty, get done with the program and be glad it is out the way, and be content for you are a good enough Christian after all. In fact you are better than most people. The same is true in the world in general people are content with doing just enough, barely survive, excelling at something is no longer the case, out doing yourself in your labor for the Lord (1 cor 15:58) is not a teaching embraced by many. 

“Men of the time, who discern the signs of the time, the possibilities of the time, the potentials of the time, as well as the seasons, movements, and dangers of the time become God’s prophets to His people and the world. Instead of being cast into the mould of history they make history. Instead of being frustrated by the storms of the times they ride the crest of the waves triumphantly for God and His cause. Thus the question is whether we are tradition bound or anchored fearlessly in such a time as this. Men of the time are urgently needed. While others may survive, these will triumph and lead the cause of Christ in the triumphs of our Lord”[1]. Rise up oh Men of God!

[1]               Mbewe, Conrad. Church based ministries and missions. Seminar address. 2012

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