Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Dear supporters

Remember to be patriotic to an ideology and not a person
Zambian politics are generally speaking based on personalities and tribal lines. All the major political parties have strong holds in regions where the founder or leader of the party hails from. So regardless of the individual’s policies or lack thereof, the people in that region will vote for him. After over 50 years of independence shouldn’t we be committed to ideologies and policies? Haven’t we matured enough to ask people who pursue civic offices to explain to us their policies and ideologies? Dear supporter please look at more than the last name of the person and focus on what that person actually believes and why he is seeking office, that way we have a basis for holding these people accountable.

Remember its okay for others to disagree with your choice
Just because you like a certain party and candidate does not mean everyone else should follow suit. And people having a different view to yours does not mean they are fools. There is therefore no need to insult, mock or abuse a person with a different opinion from yours. It is a sign of high levels of immaturity in a person when they cannot handle opposition and criticism. Sadly there are very high levels of intolerance to opposing views in our political system. Dear cadre its okay for others to disagree with you and to actually prefer a different party and candidate.

Remember your candidate is not perfect
In the heat of the campaigns and political debate we get very opinionated and emotionally charged that in our effort to support our candidate we treat them as though they are perfect. No matter who you support and how much you like them they have character flaws and their policies are not perfect either. That therefore means as you support them do so acknowledging their weakness and flaws. And when people actually raise a flaw in your party or candidate humility demands that you acknowledge their point. Dear cadre such an attitude will save us from a lot of violence and divisions.

Remember there is life after elections

Campaigns can be a long and heated process and sadly even the counting and announcing of the results can equally be a prolonged process. Lines are drawn, things are said and emotions boil that we polarize ourselves and forget that life continues after the elections. So as you engage in  political debate let’s forget that when all has been said and done political opponents will be our neighbors, workmates, schoolmates, friends and family. They are the people you will need to work with and live with, do not let political difference divide us such that we are unable to work with each other to the betterment of our country. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016



Remember you are under God
In a culture where “the chief mentality” is the norm in leaders, this is an important truth to know and believe. Political leaders have a great temptation to glorify themselves and over emphasize their importance. And their followers do not help the situation as they flatter and shower you with self-serving praises. Dear Politicians for your good and the good of others remember the Lord is the ultimate ruler, and he ultimately appoints leaders and governments. You will therefore be answerable to Him on judgement day for how you used the privileged responsibilities He has given you. Be accountable!

Remember you will not rule forever
Leaders come and go and so do governments, yet God remains forever. Many before you thought they were eternal and would remain in power forever but are no more. Pharaoh mockingly asked Moses “which God will deliver you from my hand,” and he was utterly destroyed never to be remembered again, yet the Lord remains. You are not the first, neither will you be the last to hold the position you have right now, so while at it, you want to remember that “whatever a man sows that he shall reap.” How many times have we seen those who hounded their opponents while in power receiving the same treatment afterwards? Beware!

Remember you are not infallible
While you are in power, please remember you are not perfect. We know you make mistakes ranging from error in judgement, to sheer ignorance, to utter lack of wisdom; trust me we know. Therefore, give us the honor and respect of accepting your wrongs; i.e. when you guys insult one person today and praise him the very next day because it serves your interest. Pride goes before a fall, and sadly most politicians seem to have pride in abundance. By the way, refusing to admit wrongs is suggesting we the people are very foolish or you are an infallible leader. We know neither is true, be humble.

Remember your actions affect the generations to come
What is tolerated in one generation will become a norm in the next. So as you fight to be or remain in power, remember that your actions do not just affect this generation alone; you are actually setting a trend, a culture that will go on for a time and trends are very hard and painful to undo. One example is the panga wielding and stone throwing cadres; it happened in one election, and now it is a normal thing. Or the way it is also expected that the party in power will monopolize state media and go out of the way to stifle the opposition. It is a culture that started with one generation. When you are gone, your children and their children will be at the mercy of the trends you set today. Be wise.

Dear politicians you have a great opportunity and privilege to lead and rule the nation but with privilege comes responsibility. Please step up and be responsible. Be selfless.

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." Woodrow Wilson