Saturday, December 27, 2014


2014 has come to end! Time truly flies, it feels like just the other day when we were making our plans and resolutions for the year and before we knew it, 2015 came upon us. Whatever happened took place in your life in 2014 one thing is certain: the lord has been gracious to all of us. The fact that we are alive is testimony to his grace and goodness. And for that let everything that has breathe praise the Lord.

Whether it was a good year or not you and I will never recover the year that has just passed. The Lord blessed us with the time and the various responsibilities in 2014 and we were stewards of them. The implication of been a steward is that you give an account to your master. We will be held accountable for the 8765 hours that we spent. The more sobering thought is that we will give an account to an all knowing, all wise, ever present God. He not only knows what I have done and said in every second of the year but he also knows my thoughts and intents of my heart. Every time I fooled people he was aware, every time I basked in people’s praise and stole his glory he knew, he knew and discerned every word of gossip and slander, every discontent attitude, every hypocritical action, and every time I lived for self. I can only say like the prophet Isaiah “woe is me for I am undone”.

And while we can only look back on 2014 and reflect, we can look forward to 2015 and chose to live for God. Can there be any better resolution than to be devoted to our Lord and devoted to the bride of Christ- the church. How can you be devoted to the church of Jesus Christ you ask?
Our devotion to God is seen in how committed we are to his church. The early church is our benchmark when it comes devoted to the Church of Jesus Christ. In Acts 2:41-47 they were devoted to four things:

1.      The preaching and teaching of God’s word- The believers in Acts understood the importance of been feed God’s word and been present whenever it is taught and preached. They craved for it like new born babes. It is important to remember that the text is not referring to them downloading sermons and listening to them on their gadgets but they attended and sat under the preaching of the word. 

2.      The fellowship with other believers- You cannot miss the oneness among the brethren, they had the same mind, they had all things in common, and they spurred one another. They had a sincere love for one another. They were a family. And that's what the church- a family! 

3.      They prayed together- They showed their dependence on God by praying to him and praying for themselves. They worshiped through prayer and were in awe of who God was. The ministry of the church in Acts is characterized by prayer. Prayer meetings should be the most packed meetings in the church is serious about its work and ministry

4.      They evangelized- Christ commissioned the disciples to be witnesses of him to the whole world. They boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ. And the Lord added to their number.
Brethren as for me and my family we will serve the Lord and be devoted to His church, chose today whom you will serve! Happy New year

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