Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anniversary Reflections

Before I got married, people were quite generous in giving advice. It came from the young, old, single and the married. Most of it was timeless, some of it was people pushing their opinion and preference and the rest left you wondering whether you should cry, laugh or be heartbroken. One piece of advice we got from the married was that people change when they get married and all the good you are seeing is pretense and it is stated as a matter of fact that your sweet relationship will soon become an endurance club. That disturbed us because we knew God did not intend marriage to be an endurance club and it further showed where most marriages are.  Well this past Sunday Kunda and I clocked one year in marriage.

And yes we have got to know each other in different light and we have got to experience certain character traits we were not fully exposed to and I very sure 10 years from now we will testify at how we have known each other more. But if anything the last one year has simply taught me how selfish I really am. It has showed me that I would rather be served than serve; it has also shown me how I am quite terrible at leading others in becoming more like Jesus Christ. If there is one thing the past one year has taught, it’s either we let God use our marriage to make us more like Christ  or we let pride rule and our home becomes an endurance club.

I therefore, thank God I am married to a beautiful woman who is prepared to grow with me and learn Christ. I am grateful that though she loves me, she does not love me more than she loves her God.  I am truly blessed to have someone who is not just concerned about my physical well-being but my spiritual life as well. And if the first year is anything to go by, I am surely looking forward to many more years with her.

And Kunda i promise I will TRY not to mix plates but put them according to color or boil more milk than I will actually use or summarize how my day was but share all the details. And in case I delay in improving remember I am God’s instrument to work on your patience J. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE.

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  1. Awwww thank you :) happy anniversary to you too xoxoxo