Friday, July 11, 2014


Homosexuality has become a hot topic in Zambia and it seems to generate interest by the day. And as much as the” Church” and Christians would like to deny it, this is a real issue even among Christians and many people in our communities are embracing homosexuality and are slowly becoming vocal in support of it. However homosexuality is still more than a sin and in our culture it is a taboo, an abomination. Those who commit such sin are outcasts who ought to be rid of by the most shaming way possible, as it is believed there is no room for them in our societies. I am however convinced that such an attitude is not biblical from Christians. We must show love to homosexuals.

Now before you pull your trigger, I am not in any way tolerating or supporting the sin of homosexuality. The fact that it is sin it is very clearly stated in the scriptures. The Sodomites were judged for it (Gen 19), 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verses 9 to 10 says “men who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God” and Romans 1:24-32 says homosexuality is in fact as a result of God’s judgment on people who deny Him and His revealed truth and he gives them up to their passions that they forsake natural relations and end up in homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin and those who embrace it and believe in God’s solution for their sins will not be found in God’s kingdom. What these people really need is the gospel, preached to them by people who care for the well-being of their souls, people who will plead with them to look to Jesus and live.
Why is it that this particular sin is drawing so much attention? Why are people not talking about theft or adultery? There are two reasons why homosexuality is drawing so much attention. The first is that it is unnatural, it is not the order of creation and hence the reason why it is a taboo in most cultures. The second reason is the publicity it is coming with. A lot of high profile people, countries and organizations are pushing that it should be accepted as a way of life. The amount of pressure and aggression applied by these people has really thrown homosexuality into the lime light. Such that there are two camps formed, those who support homosexuals and those who hate them.

And most Christians fall in the latter group.  That is not the biblical way however. Whereas Christians should not embrace homosexual practice they should not look down in disdain either. They should love enough to point out the sin and also share the grace of God through Jesus Christ. They plead with them earnestly and plead with them gently and tell the poor wanderers, Jesus is merciful, and Jesus will save. That, dear friend is the right attitude from a person who has experienced the grace of God. You realize you were also dead in your sins but God in grace lifted you up from the miry clay and set you on a rock. You do not then turn and look down those still hopelessly stuck in the clay, you lovingly point them to Jesus. Yes even homosexuals!

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