Thursday, February 27, 2014

For some strange reason I usually get very excited like a child and adrenaline mounts in the days leading to an important or worth noting occasion (i.e. graduation, ordination, birthday, anniversary etc) and it then suddenly drops on the actual day of the occasion. I am yet to know or understand why. So today is my birthday and though I was pestering friends about it such that I gave them a birthday wish list!!! (It is okay dream). I woke up this morning and the childlike excitement was gone and if anything the day has sobered me somewhat.

A lady asked me how old I was and she mocked that she was twice my age upon hearing that I was turning a mere 27 years. “THAT MEANS YOU HAVE MORE YEARS TO ACCOUNT FOR” was my quick and sharp response. That was the end of our mocking battle, and I had the last word! But I later got to think about my words. I am actually going to give an account for 27 solid years! That’s 236520 hours to account for. The more sobering thought is who I will give an account to, an all knowing, all wise, ever present God. He not only knows what I have done and said in every second of my 27 years on earth but he also knows my thoughts and intents of my heart, whatever a man sows that he shall reap. He has known my underlining motivates behind every action, including service for him. Every time I fooled people he was aware, every time I basked in people’s praise and stole his glory he knew, he knew and discerned every word of gossip and slander, every discontent attitude, every hypocritical action, and every time I lived for self. I can only say like the prophet Isaiah “woe is me for I am undone”.

To whom much is given much is required and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more. These were the words of Jesus in Luke 12. Clearly the one with 50 years has more to account for compared to the one with 10 years. But they all give an account. At this point my thoughts go back to the master gives these years. The sovereign Lord graciously bestows time on whom he chooses.  And with the time he also gives the grace (enablement) to help us on our pilgrimage on earth. He has given us his word to be a light to feet and a lamp on our path, it guides and directs. And has given us a purpose for our existence- to live for him, that means everything I do must be done to the glory of God and I should find joy and satisfaction in pleasing an glorifying Him. To do anything for my glory is to dethrone the master- that is an act of treason. To do anything apart from the glory of God is reject the very essence of my existence.

I thank God for entrusting me with the 27 years on earth and giving me the grace to reach where I am and do all the things I have done. And though I am totally unworthy and underserving, he is still patient with me and his love is steadfast and his mercies are new every morning. I do not know how long I have left on this earth, but my prayer my aim is that I may be a faithful steward of my time on earth. That I may hear those glorious words “well done good and faithful servant”!
Lord lift me up and let me stand by faith on heaven table land. A higher plain where love and joy and light abound, Lord plant my feet on higher ground. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

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  1. Thank you! Excellent thoughts. May God encourage you to discipline yourself to write regularly!